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Why is playgroup importent?
Warum ist die Spielgruppe wichtig.pdf (186.99KB)
Why is playgroup importent?
Warum ist die Spielgruppe wichtig.pdf (186.99KB)

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  • For toddlers up to kindergarten age, parents decide how often their child is looked after in the playgroup. The opening hours are? The rates are? 
  • Registration is possible at any time, even during the playgroup year. 
  • The time it takes for children to settle in varies from child to child. The decisive factor is the detachment of the parents from the children, in accordance with the trust in the caregivers. 
  • Our goal is to prepare your child for kindergarten in the best possible way in order to make kindergarten entry as easy as possible
  • The colloquial language in the playgroup is Swiss German and German, if necessary, we also speak English with the children.
  • Why is a foreign language often not a problem? A large part of communication in society is non-verbal. The Mehrabian formula states: content, voice and body language interact in a ratio of 7% content to 38% voice to 55% body language. This means that 93% of all our communication is non-verbal. 
  • Integrated German lessons for foreign language children are free of charge for the parents. 
  • Due to the mixed-age groups, the children benefit incredibly much from each other. Like siblings, they automatically learn from each other, which is incredibly beneficial to their development and social behavior.
  • Children must be dry when they enter kindergarten, but not in the playgroup.
  • For the children's enjoyment and for learning the inevitable fine motor skills, we make handicrafts, sing songs, play circle games, tell picture book stories....
  • The playgroup half-day is organized according to regular structures and rituals in order to give the children the best possible orientation and security. We start together in a circle, play circle games, sing songs... 
  • We eat our snack together at the table or on the playground. 
  • In order to do justice to the energies of a child, as well as not to neglect the training of the (Grob) motor skills, we play outside every half day throughout the year. We are frequent guests at the playground, go for walks in the surrounding area.
  • Kinderhüeti flexible hourly care, the children take part in the normal playgroup routine. The costs must be paid in advance. 

Early childhood counseling for 1 - 5 year old children

In both good and challenging times, I will accompany your child with you. I can look back on 22 years of playgroup work and many experiences with my own adult children. See consultation for details.  

The playgroup premises can be rented for children's birthday parties. For details see children's birthday parties.

Further information can be requested from Anita Leu. Do not hesitate to contact me. 

info@spielgrupperegenbogen.ch 079 276 59 51