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Spielgruppe Zwärglihuus mit Waldspielgruppe, Oberrüti

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General terms and conditions of business and playgroup philosophy

Playgroup Regenbogen, Zug

Playgroup Zwärglihuus, Oberrüti

The playgroup Regenbogen  and the playgroup Zwärglihuus give children time and space to develop indoors and outdoors. 

Registration is possible at any time, even during the playgroup year. 

Preparation for the playgroup beginning
Vorbereitung fuer Spielgruppenbeginn.pdf (177.34KB)
Preparation for the playgroup beginning
Vorbereitung fuer Spielgruppenbeginn.pdf (177.34KB)

  • It is our aim to prepare your child as well as possible for the kindergarden in order to make it as easy as possible to enter the kindergarden. 
  • The parents are free to choose how many times their child will attend the playgroup Regenbogen. 
  • The common language in the playgroup is Swiss German, if necessary we also speak English or High German with the children.
  • Integrated German lessons for foreign speakers (Playgroup Regenbogen) is free of charge for the parents. 
  • The children benefit a lot from each other, because of the mixed ages in the groups. They learn responsibility and practice to navigate in the group which strengthens their social behavior.
  • For the joy of the children and for learning the indispensable fine motor skills, we create works of art, sing songs... 
  • The playgroup takes place according to regulated structures / rituals in order to give the children the best possible orientation and safety. We start together in a circle making circle games, sing songs... We eat the znüni together at the table or on the playground. The end of the playgroup is also again together in a circle with a story...
  • To the delight of the children we practice the essential sensory - motor for example by making handicraft, singing songs ... We are all year round regularly, to balance the energies of the children, on the nearby playground, on a walk in the environment or we bath our feet in the lake Zug
  • We play inside and outside all year round. 
  • Further information can be requested from Anita Leu. Do not hesitate to contact me.