Spielgruppe Regenbogen GmbH, Zug

Spielgruppe Zwärglihuus, Oberrüti

Playgroup Regenbogen, Zug 


The playgroup Regenbogen is reachable with the bus number 7 and 8 bus stop Rank or with the train line S 1 train stop Chollermüli.

By food is 2 - 3 minutes to walk from each stop to the playgroup.

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Premises / Playground

The playgroup is located at the patio of the overbuilding houses Im Rank 120 - 134, 6300 Zug far away from any traffic. This is ideal for playing outdoors. 

The rooms are at the ground floor there fore pleasant for the children and any stroller.

We are very often at the attractive nearby playground, go for walks in the area and practice to walk in twos and not to run away. After some practice we are able to walk to the lake zug to bath our feed. Sometimes we are also on a little excursion.

The children learn huge more skills from playing outside instead of playing inside. We give them the possibility to lose lots of energy while we let them running around, playing soccer, playing hide and seek, trying to catch each other... 

All this is conductive for a sensory - motor learning and to activate natural mechanisms of development and health. 

On time we are back at the playgroup, where the parents are waiting, to pick up there child.