Spielgruppe Regenbogen GmbH, Zug

Spielgruppe Zwärglihuus, Oberrüti

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Playgroup philosophy and general terms and conditions of business of the playgroup Regenbogen GmbH

The playgroup Regenbogen is for children before they enter the kindergarden in mixed ages groups, with integrated german lessons for foreign speakers. We play inside and outside all year round according to the original play of O. Fred Donaldson supported by Prof. Remo Largo and Jesper Juul for the best development of the children. Details under sidemap original play.

The children benefit a lot from each other, because of the mixed ages in the groups. They learn responsibility and practice to navigate in the group witch strengthens their social behavior.

To the delight of the children we practice the essential sensory - motor for example by making handicraft, singing songs ... We are all year round, to balance the energies of the children, regularly on the nearby playground, on a walk in the environment, bath our feet in the lake zug or we are on a little excursion.

The parents are free to choose how many times their child will attend the playgroup Regenbogen. 

The main language at the playgroup is Swiss German, if needed we talk with the children High German or English. 

Further information can be requested from Anita Leu. Do not hesitate to contact me.